4 Times you need to see an Emergency Dentist during COVID-19

Albertville, AL

A dental emergency refers to any situation where a patient requires immediate attention from a dentist to minimize the risk of a serious medical problem or to prevent long-term complications. Knowing when to seek an emergency dentist during a pandemic can save you time, money, and peace of mind when something happens unexpectedly.

Here are four situations where you should see an emergency dentist during the COVID-19


Broken Teeth

Accidents happen when you’re cooped up inside, especially while you’re wrestling with the kids or catching up on a much-needed DIY project around the house. A fractured or broken tooth can happen without you realizing it, although other times it can be quite painful. If your tooth cracks or breaks during the coronavirus pandemic, please contact Wall Street Dentistry to arrange for care.

Missing Fillings or Crowns

When you notice a crown is missing, it may seem like an inconvenience, but it can cause serious complications by allowing bacteria to directly infiltrate your tooth and cause additional damage. Dental crowns and fillings may loosen or fall out due to damage or recurrent tooth decay. Therefore, it should be treated as a dental emergency, especially if the dislodged restoration is causing you pain. We advise that you not try to “ride it out” by placing a loose restoration back in your mouth because it could pose as a choking hazard. You should contact your emergency dentist right away if a filling falls out or a crown comes off.

Toothache Trouble

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Never trust a crocodile with a toothache.” However, if your tooth is hurting, you should trust that it is a reason to seek out an Albertville emergency dentist that is open during the pandemic. Sometimes you can manage the discomfort by taking over-the-counter pain relievers. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get treatment. A toothache is a sure sign of something serious that should be addressed before it gets any worse.   

Abscessed Teeth

An abscess is not a dental emergency you should ignore because it could threaten your life. Abscesses form at the end of your tooth root due and may look like a pimple or pustule on the side of your gums. If the infection gets into your bloodstream, it can cause organ failure, sepsis, or potentially death. Most people dealing with such severe pain may be inclined to visit their local emergency room. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, ER’s are inundated with sick patients, and medical physicians are not equipped to treat toothaches. Therefore, call Wall Street Dentistry if you experience a toothache during the coronavirus pandemic.

Emergency Dental Care in Albertville, Boaz, and Guntersville

If you experience a dental emergency in Albertville, Boaz, or Guntersville during the coronavirus pandemic, Wall Street Dentistry is here to help. We are taking additional measures to ensure our office is thoroughly disinfected between each patient visit. We ask that you call our office at (256) 878-0525 to set up an appointment if you have an emergent dental need.

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