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restore smile without dentures

Here’s how to Restore your Smile Without getting Dentures

Albertville, AL Total tooth loss happens for various reasons, either from accidental injuries, specific medical conditions, or years of neglecting your teeth and gums. Regardless, you don’t have to live without teeth or resort to false teeth. With advancements in dentistry, our implant dentists in Albertville offer a way to restore your smile without getting …

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Denture Adhesive Dangers

Albertville, AL Loose fitting dentures are a common problem for denture wearers. Nearly 40 million Americans wear dentures, and for decades, using denture adhesives has been a popular method for helping keep dentures in place but at what cost to your health? Recently, a North Carolina man has said that using denture adhesives for 20 …

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Are Implants For Your Dentures Beneficial?

Albertville, AL Traditional dentures have been a simple, affordable solution for patients missing all their teeth. However, many patients are simply unhappy with the results of their dentures, complaining about their dentures feeling loose and uncomfortable. Advancements in dentistry have brought us implant dentures. This solution provides patients with many benefits that traditional dentures simply …

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