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Cosmetic Dental Veneers Albertville Alabama

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Cosmetic dentistry sometimes involves changing both the shape and color of your teeth. At Wall Street Dentistry of Albertville, we offer veneers for your smile restoration needs. Veneers are thin pieces of either porcelain or plastic that is cemented directly to the front portion of your teeth, correcting cosmetic issues. Veneers can correct several issues at once like chipped or oddly shaped teeth, unevenly spaced or crooked teeth, and provide a whiter smile for teeth that are unresponsive to other forms of teeth whitening. The placement of veneers requires little to no anesthesia and provides a natural look and feel to your smile. We use an impeccable lab that handcrafts your veneers using impressions of your teeth. The veneers are uniquely designed to fit your teeth specifically.

cosmetic dental veneers

Veneers usually include three appointments. Wall Street Dentistry offers appointments at their office in Albertville, and gladly accept patients from the Boaz and Guntersville, Alabama areas as well. The first visit consists of a consultation where we work closely with you to develop a treatment plan. Then, we have you return for another visit in which the dentist prepares the teeth for the veneers to be placed. During the preparation visit, the dentist may need to administer a small amount of anesthesia to numb the area your mouth that we will treat. As part of the preparation process, your teeth are slightly buffed, removing a small portion of your teeth that is to be treated. Buffing the tooth allows room for the actual veneers to be placed. It is important to note, veneers are permanent and cannot be reversed since a portion of your teeth will be removed. The amount of tooth prep needed may vary for each patient. After the teeth are prepped, impressions will be taken of your mouth and teeth. These impressions are used to create molds that will be sent to our trusted dental lab and used in the fabrication of your veneers. The last visit consists of permanently adhering, or bonding, the veneers onto the front side of your teeth. Upon placement of your veneers, we will make certain everything is in place correctly by making any necessary adjustments for a perfect fit. At this point, you are well on your way to a beautiful smile in which you can be proud! We typically recommend a follow-up visit about two weeks after the initial placement of your veneers to make any necessary adjustments to your bite.

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