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Does your Smile cause Anxiety?

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A less-than-perfect smile can cause internal thoughts and feelings that lead to anxiety. Whether your smile is crooked, gapped, broken, twisted, discolored, or you have missing teeth, it may cause you to find ways to keep your smile hidden from others. For example, when gathered for a group photo at your next social gathering, you may smirk with your lips closed rather than flashing a dazzling grin because you’re self-conscious about your smile. Fortunately, our Albertville cosmetic dentists at Wall Street Dentistry share on the blog today common causes of smile anxiety and how you can restore your smile and self-esteem.

Bad Breath

A person with bad breath may feel the need to distance themselves from a gathering of friends or coworkers and may even slur their speech in an attempt to keep their mouth closed. Fortunately, once the root cause of foul breath is identified, treating it is often a simple matter. Sometimes, the cause might be something as simple as not drinking enough water or as complex as a reaction to a certain medicine. However, in advanced cases, it could be a bacterial infection like gum disease that requires immediate treatment before permanent damage occurs to your teeth and gums.

Dull or Dingy Teeth

Teeth that are discolored, yellowed, or stained may prevent you from smiling widely for photographs. Our smile makeover dentists in Albertville employ cutting-edge equipment to perform in-chair teeth whitening, which brightens smiles by many shades in only one office visit. When teeth have severe discoloration, we may propose treatments such as crowns, bridges, bonding, tooth-colored fillings, or porcelain veneers. In other instances, bleaching may be the best option.

Missing Teeth

When there are missing teeth, particularly a front tooth, some individuals make an effort to conceal their smile as much as possible. Fortunately, many alternative treatment options may restore lost teeth. These choices include dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. Both dental implants and dental bridges may be effective, but the one that’s best for you will depend on your specific needs.

Crooked Teeth

Teeth may shift position at any time throughout a person’s life. Even if you’ve had braces before, tooth movement might still create cosmetic problems. Our cosmetic dentists in Albertville can straighten your smile through orthodontic treatments like traditional braces or clear aligner therapy, depending on your needs. In some cases, only small adjustments are necessary, and you can have a straight smile by getting dental veneers.

How can I revamp my smile?

Our Albertville smile makeover dentists at Wall Street Dentistry are here to assist you in achieving a beautiful smile, no matter its current condition. Our staff is sensitive to how an unhealthy or damaged smile can create feelings of stress and anxiety while reducing your self-confidence and self-esteem. During the consultation, we can discuss the best treatment methods to revamp your smile and create one you feel confident showing off in photos. Patients who have more than one cosmetic concern may benefit from a smile makeover that combines multiple treatments for an effective result at a reduced cost.

Cosmetic Dentists in Albertville, Alabama

Anxiety can be a challenge to navigate when the cause of it is part of you that you see, feel, and share with others every day. Even though you may try to disguise your smile or hide it from the world, its condition can cause mental and emotional distress. Therefore, our dentists in Albertville who offer smile makeovers encourage you to schedule a consultation at Wall Street Dentistry to find out more about how to reduce your anxiety when smiling. Please call our office at (256) 878-0525 or contact us online to request an appointment today.

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