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General Dentistry

Albertville and Gadsden, Alabama

Dr. Jonathan Renfroe and Dr. Josh Conley offer a full array of general dentistry services to all of their patients in the Albertville, Alabama area. Whether you require a basic cleaning, a root canal, a filling for a cavity, or treatment for gum disease, our dentists can provide you with the high quality care you need.

Dental Hygiene and Teeth Cleaning

Good dental hygiene is essential to maintain your oral health, and it is an important part of preventative dental care. Having your teeth cleaned twice a year helps prevent problems from developing. Plus, it gives us a chance to spot conditions in their earliest stages so we can treat them with the least invasive method possible.

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Family Dentistry

We are also a family dentistry practice. Dr. Renfroe and Dr. Conley treat patients of all ages, and they understand that different stages of life require different approaches to dental treatments. For your convenience, we have designed our office to accommodate all of your family’s dentistry needs so that you and your loved ones can receive all of your treatments in one place.

As family dentists, Dr. Renfroe and Dr. Conley develop ongoing relationships with their patients. As a result, they can more easily anticipate many of the dental issues you may be at risk of developing down the road. They can also design a personalized treatment plan for correcting your dental issues.

Children’s Dentistry

We offer a full array of pediatric dentistry services, and we regularly treat children as soon as their first teeth start developing.


While most people cringe at the mention of a root canal, endodontic therapy can save your tooth and prevent the need for an even more invasive procedure. We work hard to make a root canal a comfortable and anxiety-free experience.


Caring for your gums is an essential part of your general dentistry regimen. We always choose the most conservative approach when dealing with periodontics issues, and we avoid surgical procedures, if possible, when treating gum disease. For our gum treatments, we use a soft tissue laser that is noninvasive and helps you heal much faster.

Please contact our Albertville general dentists today to schedule your initial appointment. Wall Street Dentistry serves patients in the Albertville and Gadsden, Alabama area.

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