How to Sleep Better during the Holiday Season

sleep better during the holiday seasonAlbertville, AL

The holidays are filled with busy schedules that require extra energy. When you do not get enough sleep, your body will not properly recharge for the next day. Therefore, not sleeping enough causes sleep deprivation that can leave you with brain fog and unable to concentrate. To keep you rested through the holiday season with enough energy to take on the busiest of schedules, Wall Street Dentistry has the solution to help you sleep better despite the hustle and bustle.

Sleep apnea is a health condition that affects several people of all ages. When you sleep at night, your airway can become obstructed, causing you to stop breathing for a short period of time, which cuts off the oxygen to your brain. If you wake up feeling like you have not slept, are startled awake from snoring and are out of breath, wake with a headache after sleeping all night, or make choking or snorting sounds while sleeping, then you could benefit from a sleep apnea screening in Boaz. If your sleeping problem is ignored and not addressed, it could lead to more severe health conditions such as high blood pressure, a heart attack, or stroke.

Once you find out the severity of your sleep apnea condition, Wall Street Dentistry can provide a solution that will help you sleep better at night. A custom-made oral appliance can help you get a better night’s sleep. Also referred to as a snore guard is a device worn in your mouth to hold your jaw in proper alignment, usually in a forward position that facilitates an open airway. The device will stop you from snoring, providing you with more quality sleep. In addition to helping eliminate your snoring issue, the piece of equipment will place your jaw in the position where it will prevent the tissue in your throat from blocking your airway when you are fully relaxed. When the airway is unblocked, you will be able to breathe better and get better quality sleep.

Most people positively respond to the snore guard when treating their sleep apnea and need no additional treatments. If you try snore guards and find that they do not suit your lifestyle and you are still having issues, there are other available treatments.

How to get started

If you experience sleep apnea symptoms, do not delay in getting a screening from your dentist. We can work collaboratively with a sleep specialist to design the most effective care for your needs. The most important thing you can do is to take the first step and get a sleep apnea screening today. Don’t assume that your fatigue is due to holiday stress.

If you are tired of feeling tired, or are looking for a solution to sleep better without having to rely on medication every night, then Wall Street Dentistry can help. Call (256) 878-0525 today to schedule an appointment for a sleep apnea screening in Boaz, Albertville, or Guntersville. We will work together with you to determine the best solution for your sleep apnea condition. 

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