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Neuromuscular Dentistry

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Have you long been plagued by mysterious symptoms such as ringing in the ears, headaches, jaw pain, and backache? Have you seen doctors and chiropractors but have not gotten relief from your symptoms? If so, then maybe you should see a neuromuscular dentist. There is a condition that is sometimes called “TMD” that might be responsible for your symptoms, but is commonly overlooked or misdiagnosed by professionals who aren’t trained in neuromuscular dentistry.

If you are looking for relief from TMD, a neuromuscular dentist is the most qualified professional to treat your condition and its symptoms. This page contains some background on TMD and the profession of neuromuscular dentist, but if you want to be evaluated by a neuromuscular dentist in Albertville, please call (256) 878-0525 or email Wall Street Dentistry for an appointment today.

What Is TMD?

TMD is a condition in which the hard and soft tissues of your jaw are not working in harmony. The muscles try to pull the jaw into a different position than it naturally rests in, or pulls it out of position as it moves through its normal range of movement. Even when you think you’re not working them, your jaw muscles are waging a constant battle against your jaw and teeth. The impact on your jaw can be pain, sticking in position, clicking, and worn or damaged teeth.

But the effects go far beyond there. Because the jaw muscles work in concert with the neck muscles to hold the spine upright, you might suffer misaligned cervical vertebrae and pinched nerves. Sometimes, this effect can spread to the rest of the body.

Your jaw muscles can also dramatically impact local nerves and blood vessels, especially the trigeminal nerve, a crucial nerve that is commonly cited as the origin of migraine headaches.

Neuromuscular Dentists Treat TMD

A neuromuscular dentist is trained in the treatment of not just the teeth in your mouth, but in the full system of hard and soft tissue that makes up your mouth. This includes the jawbone and muscles that are often to blame for TMD. Neuromuscular dentists have the tools to diagnose TMD scientifically, using jaw tracking, electromyography, and electrosonography. By creating a comprehensive picture of the hard and soft tissue in your jaw, a neuromuscular dentist can help you understand the extent of your TMD and design a comprehensive treatment plan.

Why Choose Wall Street Dentistry

At Wall Street Dentistry, both of our dentists have received extensive training in neuromuscular dentistry at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). They have helped many patients in the Albertville area to receive relief from neuromuscular dental problems, including TMD.

To learn more about neuromuscular dentistry, please contact Wall Street Dentistry today for an appointment.

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