The Advantages of Receiving Veneers to Improve your Smile

veneers to improve smileAlbertville, AL

Cosmetic dentistry has no option better known than porcelain veneers. Celebrities have used veneers for years to achieve those perfect-looking smiles. Now you can, too. A chipped, cracked, crooked, discolored, or uneven tooth doesn’t have to make you embarrassed to show your smile. Dr. Jonathan Renfroe and Dr. Josh Conley of Wall Street Dentistry are here to help you feel confident when you smile. That’s why we want to tell you about veneers.

What are veneers?

Veneers are made of the highest quality dental porcelain. Each veneer is an extremely thin layer, applied to the front of one tooth or multiple teeth. These will be made to match the natural appearance of your other teeth. Because porcelain is a natural-looking material with the same translucency as tooth enamel, they conceal tooth imperfections by providing the most natural-looking results.

Why choose veneers?  

Versatility – Veneers are so versatile because of how many cosmetic issues they can correct. You can have a veneer placed over teeth that are stained or discolored—including types of discolorations that won’t respond to teeth whitening treatments. Wall Street Dentistry often uses veneers to a tooth that is chipped. We even use veneers to lengthen teeth if they appear too short. If you suffer from dental issues that you fear could result in braces, our highly experienced and modern trained staff can use veneers to fix the appearance of gaps in teeth and even crooked teeth. While this will do nothing to address the actual crookedness, you will have the appearance of straight, perfectly aligned teeth.

Natural Appearance – These high-quality, individually crafted pieces of porcelain are the perfect solution to improve the look of your smile. The dental porcelain we use is resistant to staining. That means you can still drink your coffee and wine, and consume foods that would otherwise stain your teeth. Your porcelain veneers will be color-matched to your teeth, so you don’t have to worry about a treated tooth standing out from the rest. You also may choose to use porcelain veneers to whiten your smile permanently.

Convenient – Many corrective procedures can take an extended period of time to complete. Orthodontic treatment, like braces, can take years to align your teeth. Or, in roughly the same time frame needed to place a single crown, you can refurbish your entire smile with veneers. Porcelain veneers only take a couple of weeks to be completed. The process is minimally invasive; you only have to have a small amount of your existing tooth structure removed, so the veneer can make a flush bond with your tooth. 

Cosmetic Dentistry in Albertville

Veneers cannot solve all dental issues. If you believe your smile will benefit from veneers, the next step is to contact Wall Street Dentistry today for a consultation. Dr. Jonathan Renfroe and Dr. Josh Conley are here to serve our patients in Albertville, Boaz, and Guntersville, Alabama. Our doctors also have continued their education to stay up to date on the latest technological advances in cosmetic dentistry. Contact us today by calling (256) 878-0525.

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