What to do if your Dental Crown Breaks

what to do if dental crown cracksAlbertville, AL

Dental problems during your already busy day can be an unexpected inconvenience. However, when you have a dental crown that cracks or breaks, it is critical to visit your emergency dentist in Albertville for an examination and repair right away. Otherwise, the damage could pose severe issues. Other than the pain you may experience, the tooth underneath the crown could be at risk of extensive damage. Sometimes it can be challenging to know what to do if your dental crown breaks. However, Wall Street Dentistry is providing a few tips on the blog to help you get through the pain until you can visit your emergency dentists in Boaz.

Keep in mind that a dental crown is often added to an already damaged tooth to provide support and restore functionality. A dental crown is also used in completing the installation of a dental implant, or the last step of root canal therapy. However, even though the dental crown provides stability and is stronger than the existing tooth, it is not invulnerable to damage like cracking and breaking. When your dental crown breaks, you could experience pain if the natural tooth underneath is exposed.

What to do Next

After you realize your dental crown has cracked or broken, it is critical that you see an emergency dentist in Guntersville for immediate repairs. Therefore, when contacting your dental office staff, make sure you inform them that you have a cracked or broken dental crown and be honest about your level of pain. Your honesty about your pain level can help them prioritize you based on other patients and our current schedule. 

How to Manage the Problem and Pain Until Your Appointment

Sometimes dental problems occur at night, on the weekend, or during a holiday outside of normal business hours. If your dental crown breaks during a time when our dental office in Albertville is closed, follow the tips below until you can get an appointment.

  • First, evaluate the damage to the dental crown. Look in the mirror and use a flashlight to see better if you have low lighting. You can also ask a friend or family member to look at the area as well. If you uncover any pieces that are loose, do not try to attach them to your tooth using glue or any other sticky substance as it could cause more damage to the crown or tooth underneath. Also, you could unintentionally swallow the piece if it were to come loose again.
  • Try rubbing your tongue over the tooth to feel if there are any sharp edges that may cut your tongue or cheek. If the area feels relatively smooth, your situation may not be as dire of an emergency.
  • Be completely honest with your pain level when conducting a self-evaluation. Over the counter medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen could provide some pain relief for mild discomfort until you can visit your dentist in Boaz. However, if you experience extreme, your tooth becomes extra sensitive, or you notice significant bleeding, contact your emergency dental provider immediately.
  • If the dental crown completely comes off, do not attempt to reattach it. Place the broken piece in a small container or plastic bag and bring it with you to your appointment. Also, avoid chewing anything on that side of your mouth until after you see your dentist in Guntersville as you could cause additional damage or increase your pain.

Emergency Dentist in Albertville, Boaz, or Guntersville

Cracking or breaking a dental crown can quickly become a serious situation when the underlying area or tooth is exposed. Assess the damage, manage the pain if possible, and contact Wall Street Dentistry to schedule an appointment immediately. Feel free to contact us by calling (256) 878-0525, if you lost a dental crown in Albertville or have a loose crown in Boaz.

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