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What to Eat when you’re Adjusting to Dentures

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Getting a new smile through the power of dentures can cause excited feelings about being able to smile again with confidence. However, getting dentures can be a challenging transition. You should expect an adjustment period as you acclimate to your new set of teeth. One of the biggest challenges most patients face when getting new dentures is eating foods they love. Adjusting to eating with your new dentures will require time and practice. So, to help get you started, our Albertville family dentists at Wall Street Dentistry share on the blog today what to eat when you’re adjusting to dentures to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Foods to Avoid

Denture wearers understand what it’s like to leave some of their favorite foods behind. Although you have a new smile and more teeth, they aren’t ready to handle tough foods. For example, well-done steak is difficult to chew and may take some time to get used to eating again. Additionally, it’s essential to avoid bacon, crunchy bread, nuts, raw vegetables, and other crunchy foods temporarily. Our Albertville dentists for seniors warn that excessive chewing can cause pain and sores in the mouth that are susceptible to infection from oral bacteria. Therefore, take your time and practice with a little tougher food each month, but don’t push yourself too much, or you may cause damage.

Foods to Consume

In most denture-wearer cases, the patient eats soft foods for a while until the dentures become comfortable. Additionally, the gum rim where dentures sit can be sensitive to denture movement. When food is tough, crunchy, or sticky, it can cause the dentures to create tender areas that can worsen over time. With soft foods, you can quickly retrain your mouth to eat with dentures and slowly graduate to more textured foods.

So, our Albertville dentists that offer dentures share below a soft food list to help you get started adjusting to eating with dentures.

Savory Foods                                                                 Sweet Foods

  • Eggs                                                                                  Jello
  • Tofu                                                                                  Yogurt  
  • Beans                                                                               Rasmalai
  • Soft Bread                                                                       Payasam
  • Rice or Risotto                                                               Puddings
  • Noodles or Pasta                                                           Applesauce                                      
  • Melted Hard Cheese                                                    Cheesecake
  • Soft-Cooked Vegetables                                              Custard or Ice Cream
  • Well-Cooked Leafy Greens                                         Smoothies or Milkshakes
  • Low Sodium Vegetable Juice                                     Bananas, and Other Soft Fruits                  
  • Soft Cheese – Cottage Cheese, Ricotta                    Pancakes, Waffles, and Muffins                

Start with Meal Planning

Meal planning is the best way to change your diet and acclimate to soft foods. Take a little time each week to create your menu for the meals you cook at home. For example, on Monday morning, you can have eggs, fruit, and yogurt for breakfast. Our denture providers in Albertville explain that some patients find that dinner is a more challenging meal to plan because most proteins are tough to chew. However, soups with tiny protein bits and soft vegetables are a perfect dinner, especially in the winter. Soft proteins like tuna, fish, and salmon are an excellent addition to a new denture-wearer diet. Pair a salmon steak with steamed vegetables and ice cream for dessert, and you have a perfect meal that won’t cause pain.

Dentures in Albertville, Alabama

Regaining your smile can be exciting, especially if it’s been a while since you had an attractive smile. The key to wearing dentures is allowing sufficient time for your mouth, mind, and body to fully adjust to an artificial object. You can learn how to manage your dentures and eat food simultaneously by modifying your diet to consume soft foods. Then, as you adjust to the dentures, you can add more food variety to your diet. To find out more about aftercare practices for dentures or to schedule a consultation with our Albertville dentists who provide dentures at Wall Street Dentistry, please call (256) 878-0525 or contact us online to request an appointment today.

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