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A Match not Made in Heaven – Chocolate and your Teeth

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Rich, decadent chocolate is a specialty that many “chocoholics” can’t ignore. Throughout time it’s become the comfort food during stressful days or horrible breakups. Chocolate is also the hallmark of candy gifts for various special occasions. While a chocolate addiction can be challenging to control, there are health benefits from consuming the sweet treat. However, eating it in moderation is crucial, but it can improve one’s mood and overall sense of well-being. Unfortunately, although our brains and taste buds may have an affinity for chocolate, our teeth don’t prefer the sweet substance. Therefore, our Albertville family dentists at Wall Street Dentistry share on the blog today why chocolate and your teeth aren’t a match made in heaven and how you can still consume the delectable treat while protecting your smile.

How does chocolate affect my smile?

Chocolate can harm your teeth and gums, but there are clear health advantages to consuming small quantities daily. For example, milk chocolate contains a higher sugar amount than dark chocolate. So, when you consume a lot of chocolate over a period of time, you could experience severe oral health concerns such as cavities. On the other hand, dark chocolate has a lower sugar content but has a distinct bitter flavor many people struggle to enjoy. However, a true chocolate lover can adjust their pallet over time to enjoy a less sugar-filled delight.

Consuming chocolate can have multiple smile impacts that you should consider. For example, plaque forms on teeth because bacteria in the mouth convert sugar into acids. The acids then attack tooth enamel resulting in tooth decay and cavities. In addition, as tooth enamel weakens, chocolate’s sugary content might worsen, especially if the person fails to follow proper oral health care practices. Lastly, chocolate can potentially discolor teeth, leaving you with a dull smile.

Does consuming chocolate benefit my oral health?

Even though overeating white or milk chocolate may severely damage your teeth due to its high sugar content, there is some good news for chocoholics. Our family dentists in Albertville explain that dark, raw, and unprocessed chocolate include polyphenols that may help against organism growth, including bacteria in the mouth that produce foul breath. As a bonus, polyphenols may help keep certain sugars from converting into acid and eroding tooth enamel. Additionally, dark chocolate flavonoids may reduce enamel deterioration rate, ward against gum disease, and boost your body’s antioxidants.

What are the best ways to enjoy chocolate without harming my teeth?

You may enjoy chocolate without sacrificing oral health when adopting the “everything in moderation” mentality. Indulging in chocolate desserts or candies after a meal can make the perfect dessert. Within an hour of eating, the acids in your mouth neutralize. The neutralization makes saving chocolate for dessert preferable to nibbling on it between meals. Also, we encourage you to keep up with your regular dental checkups, make milk and white chocolate a rare addition to your diet, stick to fresh fruit and veggies, and drink water instead of fruity or sweet carbonated beverages.

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Chocolate is a delicacy that comes in many forms and flavors and can be the perfect addition to a decadent dessert on a special occasion. Although delicious, the high sugar content dangers are real and can dramatically impact your smile when you fail to care for it properly. Therefore, chocoholics rejoice that you can enjoy your favorite treat, but remember that darker is better and moderation is key. Also, maintain oral health and regularly visit our Albertville family dental office for checkups and cleanings. Call Wall Street Dentistry today at (256) 878-0525 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

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