Digital X-rays in Albertville

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Getting X-rays is usually something that patients do not look forward to at their dental visit, but these X-rays are necessary. By using these X-rays, your Boaz family dentist is able to maintain a thorough record of your teeth, making it easy to identify any changes or potential problems. State-of-the-art dental practices like Wall Street Dentistry have the latest advances in X-ray technology. Let’s learn more about how Wall Street Dentistry uses X-rays to better serve our patients.

Not all X-rays are the same

Different X-rays are used for different diagnostic purposes.

Bitewing X-rays are used to detect cavities between teeth that cannot be seen by the naked eye of even the most experienced and well-trained dentist. These X-rays also evaluate the bone levels around your teeth, which can begin to deteriorate in cases of gum disease.

Periapical X-rays take a comprehensive view of an entire tooth—from the bottom tip of the root to its very top. Often taken when a patient complains about having a toothache, a periapical X-ray is helpful especially when identifying any problems with the tooth root such as an abscess, or tumor.

Panoramic X-rays produce images of the entire mouth and surrounding structure—including the nasal structures, sinuses, and temporomandibular joint—in a single image. Used to evaluate the emergence of wisdom teeth, panoramic X-rays also can identify impacted teeth, cysts, fractures, infections, and tumors. This type of X-ray even can save your life; it can detect a clogged carotid artery, which can be a major warning sign of an imminent heart attack.

Assuming you maintain the recommended schedule of dental appointments every six months, your Guntersville family dentist should ask for a full-mouth series of X-rays that includes periapical images of every tooth, as well as bitewing images. These images provide a comprehensive picture of all the teeth in your mouth, and early detection of any problem is always preferable instead of waiting until the problem can be easily seen by the eye, which usually result in more expensive and intense procedures.

Digital X-rays in Albertville

The digital X-ray technology used at Wall Street Dentistry is a significant upgrade over the traditional X-ray machines used for years in the dental industry. Our digital X-rays produce images that are clearer and more precise, which means you have to have fewer X-rays taken. This also reduces the total amount of time you spend at your appointment.

Digital X-ray machines also expose patients to a fraction of the radiation that was emitted by traditional X-rays. The average radiation dosage from a full set of four bitewing X-rays is .02 mSv—or millisieverts. The maximum annual radiation dose allowed for workers in America, by contrast, is 50 mSv. In fact, a person receives a higher dose of radiation while on a cross-country airplane flight than receiving a set of four bitewing X-rays at a dental appointment.

Taking X-rays is only one of the ways that Wall Street Dentistry uses diagnostic methods and preventive care to help our patients maintain a high level of oral health. To learn more about our services or schedule a tour of our Albertsville office, call us at (256) 878-0525

Wall Street Dentistry is proud to offer state-of-the-art oral care services to patients in Albertville, Boaz, and Guntersville in Alabama.

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