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Gum Recontouring

Albertville and Gadsden, Alabama

A gummy smile can make your teeth look too short and your smile look unhealthy. It can even cause pain or discomfort. Albertville cosmetic dentists Dr. Jonathan Renfroe and Dr. Josh Conley can reveal the natural beauty of your teeth safely and comfortably with laser gum recontouring. A beautiful smile can only be complete with beautiful gums.

Benefits of Gum Recontouring

Gum recontouring can correct many problems with your gum line:

  • Gummy smile
  • Uneven gum line
  • Illusion of teeth being too short
  • Illusion of teeth being unevenly sized
  • Illusion of crookedness
  • Redness and puffiness of the gums
  • Pain and inflammation caused by rubbing of excess gum tissue
  • Premature aging
  • The appearance of poor health or poor hygiene
  • Advanced Technology for Safe, Beautiful Results

Gum recontouring used to be dangerous, imprecise, and rather barbaric. It involved cutting away of the gums with a scalpel. The cosmetic results were unpredictable, the risk of infection was very high, and the recovery was difficult and painful.

Today’s gum recontouring is performed with laser dentistry. The laser is very precise and gives you beautiful cosmetic results. Laser treatment has completely changed gum recontouring.

We use the Navigator laser from Ivoclar. It actually vaporizes the gum tissue, killing bacteria and sealing the wound as it goes. This means that the risk of infection is greatly reduced, and your recovery is much more comfortable.

The laser causes less trauma to your gum tissue, and you will not need stitches after the procedure. There is very little swelling, and you may not have any postoperative pain. Recovery is much faster, too.

Please contact our Albertville cosmetic dentists today if you are interested in gum recontouring, or to schedule your initial appointment. Wall Street Dentistry serves patients in Albertville and Gadsden, Alabama.

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