Should I be Worried about my Tooth Sensitivity?

Albertville, AL

When drinking your morning coffee or enjoying a glass of iced water, a sharp zing through your tooth can strike concern in most people. Other than being painful, the sensation could be the result of a more significant issue. Even though tooth sensitivity occurs at any age, most people experience increased sensitivity between the ages of 20 and 40. Leading family dentists in Albertville at Wall Street Dentistry explain when you should worry about your tooth sensitivity and what treatments are available to stop the painful sensations.  

What causes tooth sensitivity?

The cause of tooth sensitivity is different for every patient. For some patients, a long dietary history high in acidic or sugary foods causes thinning of the tooth enamel over time. For other patients, gum recession caused by gum disease causes increased sensitivity to extreme temperatures. The experienced Albertville dentists explain that some dental procedures, such as teeth whitening, can cause enamel damage and increase sensitivity if not performed under the care of a licensed dentist. Certainly, tooth sensitivity increases when you crack or break your tooth and expose the root.

What treatments are available to help with tooth sensitivity?

Depending on your tooth sensitivity’s specifics, there are a wide variety of treatments to address your pain. Below are a few treatments your friendly Boaz dentists offer to help with sensitivity depending on your pain level.

  • Light Sensitivity – Patients who suffer from slight sensitivity may have thin tooth enamel. Usually, sensitivity-reducing toothpaste can restore tooth enamel and decrease sensitivity. However, if your sensitivity issue continues or gets worse, contact your dentist immediately for additional treatment.
  • Medium Sensitivity – A moderate amount of pain may be the result of a more severe condition. Treatment can range from a filling to a dental crown, depending on the cause of your pain. Medium sensitivity should ignite a sense of urgency to visit the dentist to uncover the source of pain and administer the best treatment.
  • Heavy Sensitivity – Intense, sharp, or unyielding pain could be a severe condition requiring professional dental services. Most heavily sensitive teeth are due to a lack of regular oral care resulting in severe tooth damage, which can only be fixed with proper dental care.

Should I be worried about my tooth sensitivity?

In short, no. Although you may need advanced treatment to stop the pain, you can rest easy knowing there is treatment available to reduce your tooth sensitivity. However, if your tooth sensitivity interferes with your daily activities such as eating, drinking, or speaking, contact the professional Albertville dentists for an appointment. Together we can address the pain and develop the best treatment plan for your needs.

Tooth Sensitivity in Albertville, Boaz, and Guntersville, Alabama

Feeling discomfort in your mouth is an unpleasant experience most people prefer not to endure. In some cases, the condition is avoidable. However, in other cases, most tooth sensitivity is preventable with daily oral care by brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once a day. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, feel free to contact Wall Street Dentistry at (256) 878-0525 or send us a message online. We love to serve patients from the Albertville, Boaz, and Guntersville areas!

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