Sports Guards

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Sports guards are an effective way of protecting your child’s teeth while playing sports. Protecting their teeth from being broken, chipped, or worn down, can help prolong a beautiful smile and save you money by avoiding costly dental repairs. Sports guards are custom-made, convenient, and comfortable to wear.

Why should I protect my child’s teeth?

Protecting your child’s teeth is important in maintaining their oral health. While playing sports accidents may occur in which a player is unexpectedly hit in the face or mouth by another player. Sometimes, sporting equipment can strike a player in the face, resulting in injury.

A sports guard protects your teeth from:

  • Breaking
  • Chipping
  • Fracturing
  • Becoming avulsed (knocked out)
  • Prevents laceration of mouth tissue
  • Absorbs shock

Protect the teeth you have

Repairing broken teeth or replacing them may be costly. Therefore, protecting your child’s teeth from the start is important. When wearing a sports guard, your child can easily enjoy an active lifestyle knowing their smile is protected. Plus, your wallet will thank you.

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