5 Questions to ask your Dentist in Albertville

Albertville, AL

Visiting your dentist twice per year gives you little time to discuss your oral health with your practitioner. It can be challenging to remember what to do each day with busy schedules, much less remember the questions you should ask your dentist. At Wall Street Dentistry, our board-certified dentists in Albertville share five questions to ask your dentist so you can get the most out of your time during your next appointment.

Why is it important to ask questions at the dentist?

Speaking with your general dentists near Albertville about oral health concerns is the equivalent of talking with your primary care physician about overall health concerns. Therefore, it is vital to keep communication open with your dentist. Dentists are experts in head and neck anatomy. Any discomfort, pain, or abnormalities that occur in these regions should be discussed with your dentist.

  1. What can I do to improve my oral health?

Improving your oral health leads to overall health improvements as well. Each patient’s circumstances vary, and different areas where they could improve, and Albertville dentists near you provide customized treatments based on your oral health care needs. The instructions to improve your oral health is to brush twice daily, floss once daily, and keep your six-month appointments for checkups and cleanings. However, some patients may require additional actions such as increasing or decreasing your intake of fluoride. Feel free to ask about new products or samples of oral care products in your quest for improvements.

  1. What can you do to improve my oral health?

Depending on your oral health condition, your treatment could include a night guard for grinding your teeth or a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. No matter the problem, our family dentists in Albertville at Wall Street Dentistry have the training and tools to help you optimize your oral health. However, remember that your dentist cannot feel your pain nor read your mind. So, when you have oral health concerns, you must discuss them with your provider, no matter how minor. Expressing painful sensations, abnormalities, or discomfort helps your dentist choose the appropriate treatment to prevent an escalation of future problems.

  1. What is my overall oral health status?

On your next visit to the dentist near Boaz, feel free to request a general exam of your mouth. The exam consists of uncovering lumps or bumps, checking for teeth clenching or grinding, and gauging bone density around your teeth. Your dentist checks for functionality, and if a problem exists, a discussion of possible treatment options can begin.

  1. Is there anything I should tell my primary care physician?

A wide range of health complications begins in your mouth. Noticing changes could indicate more profound health concerns, such as osteoporosis, vitamin deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, and even diabetes. Gum inflammation or gum disease could be a sign of diabetes. During your visit, the top-rated dentists in Albertville at Wall Street Dentistry will inform you of adverse oral health conditions and what information is appropriate to share with your primary care physician.

  1. Is there any information you need to know from my family physician?

Upon visiting the dentist, inform them of changes in your overall health condition since your last visit. Your comprehensive health links to your oral health and other health concerns could point back to an oral care issue. The friendly Albertville dentist near you advises patients to share oral complications, as they may result from ingested medications or severe conditions elsewhere in your body.

Questions Specific to Children

  • Do you have any advice for my child’s nutrition as it relates to their oral health?
  • Are my child’s teeth developing correctly, or are there problems? If there are problems, are there available treatments now to avoid orthodontic care later?
  • How can I be sure my child’s teeth are clean?
  • Are there any tips to help get my child to brush their teeth?
  • How can I comfort my child for their dental visit?

Family Dentists in Albertville, Boaz, and Guntersville, Alabama

Knowing what questions to ask your dentist before your visit can maximize your time during your appointment. If you struggle with remembering items, write them down and bring them with you to your next visit. The knowledgeable dentists in Albertville at Wall Street Dentistry would be happy to answer your questions. To schedule your next appointment, feel free to call us at (256) 878-0525 or contact us online today.

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