Give the Gift of Teeth Whitening this Holiday Season

Albertville, AL

A beautiful white smile has the power to boost self-confidence and lower anxiety in social situations. However, people who suffer from a dull, dingy smile can feel awkward, self-conscious, and cover their mouth to prevent embarrassment. Even though someone worries about their smile, they may not express their feelings in words. Therefore, if you have someone special on your list who you believe could use a confidence boost and would graciously accept your gift, give the gift of teeth whitening this holiday season. Wall Street Dentistry explains how to give the gift and the impact of a bright white smile. After all, we love to see our patients beaming with self-confidence.

How do I give teeth whitening as a gift?

Since teeth whitening is not a physical product, it is challenging to wrap it in a box or gift bag and maintain the surprise element. However, below are two ways the Albertville professional cosmetic dentists near you suggest to keep the element of surprise and give a long-lasting gift.

Coordinate Prepaid Services

Advance payment of teeth whitening services is an easy way of ensuring your gift recipient receives their gift. Call our office and share the details with our helpful staff. We will be delighted to set up the arrangements for the gifted services. Then, get creative with how you want to present your gift. You can use a computer and printer to generate a certificate, wrap it up, and see the joy on their face when they open it, or you can create a guessing game like charades to unveil the gift.

Wrap the Cash

Getting cash for a gift is a welcomed site for most people, and a list of what to buy quickly fills the recipient’s thoughts. Choosing to give money instead of setting up prepaid services may cause improper spending by the gift recipient unless otherwise instructed. However, if you decide to give cash, think of a unique way to present it, so the element of surprise remains intact, and the purpose of the cash gift is straightforward.

Why should I choose professional teeth whitening?

When investing time and hard-earned money into a special gift, you want the best return on your investment. Professional teeth whitening performed by the experienced cosmetic dentists in Boaz at Wall Street Dentistry can provide multiple benefits above and beyond the results of over the counter whitening solutions like toothpaste and at-home whitening kits. Since the dentists use pharmaceutical-grade whitening agents to remove stubborn tooth discoloration, you can have results within a few hours with a more dramatic difference. With store-bought whitening products, the whitening agents provide sub-par results.

Cosmetic Dentists in Albertville, Boaz, and Guntersville, Alabama

Giving a gift of a bright white smile may not seem like much, but the confidence that the recipient recovers and exudes daily is the gift that keeps on giving. Therefore, if you have someone special on your list this year who could use a pick-me-up this holiday season or that has expressed interest in having a whiter smile, gifting a teeth whitening treatment might make their season bright. Call the Albertville cosmetic dentists near you at Wall Street Dentistry by dialing (256) 878-0525, or feel free to contact us online to book an appointment today.

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