Interested in Dental Implants? Here’s how to take the Next Step

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If you have lost a permanent tooth, then restorative dentistry can fill the gap in your smile and regain your chewing ability. The best option to replace a missing tooth is a dental implant. Not only is an implant virtually permanent, but it is also the only way to prevent the eventual deterioration of the supporting bone structure, as the implant screw provides the stimulation to the jawbone that previously came from the tooth root.

Choosing to have a dental implant is a big decision. Implants have a higher up-front cost, although, at Wall Street Dentistry, we believe the long-term value of a dental implant outweighs the higher initial financial expense. Receiving an implant to replace a lost tooth represents a commitment to long-term oral health. This is also not a brief process; deciding to get an implant is just the first step in your tooth replacement journey. In this article, we will explore what comes next.

A consultation is the first step in the process of getting a dental implant or receiving any other type of restorative dentistry. Any patient who wants a dental implant will sit down with a consultation with one of our Albertville implant dentists. At this meeting, Dr. Jonathan Renfroe and Dr. Josh Conley will go through the entire implant installation procedure. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about implants, the procedures involved, or the cost. During this appointment, our dentists also may ask you to undergo diagnostic procedures, which may be performed to help our dentists compile as much information possible about your oral health and medical history. Gathering this information will help identify any pre-existing conditions that could compromise the longevity or success of your dental implant. 

Know your options

A traditional dental implant is intended to replace a single lost tooth. The implant screw is inserted surgically. Then, after the screw fuses with your jawbone following several months of healing, the implant is topped with a crown that matches the shape and color of your other natural healthy teeth. For individuals who have lost several teeth, however, it does not make sense clinically or financially to receive an implant to replace each individual missing tooth. Luckily, you have options; Wall Street Dentistry offers implant-supported dentures. Used most often with patients who have lost all their natural teeth, these dentures are anchored by implants that are placed at strategic locations in the mouth.

Concerned about cost? You have options

Wall Street Dentistry believes that finances never should be the deciding factor in determining your level of care. For this reason, we work with CareCredit, the largest patient financing company in North America. CareCredit gives patients the possibility to pay up front for medical procedures that may not be covered by their insurance; individuals then pay for the procedures in monthly installments, usually at low or interest-free payments, depending on what you qualify for. At your initial consultation, we will break down the various costs of every aspect of an implant procedure.

Dental Implants in Boaz

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