The Real Reasons you should be Flossing

Albertville, AL

Patients often dread the inevitable question dentists ask about their flossing habits. Some patients lie, and others are truthful about their oral hygiene. No matter which category you find yourself in, your dentist can always tell the truth through an oral examination. Flossing may seem trivial to you, but it can provide substantial oral health benefits even though it takes a few minutes to do. One of Albertville’s leading family dentists, Wall Street Dentistry, shares the real reasons you should be flossing to save your oral health.

Why is flossing important?

Healthy teeth and gums require some effort and a few minutes each day. Reducing sugary foods, brushing your teeth twice daily, and visiting a local dentist in Albertville are excellent ways to keep your mouth healthy. However, flossing is an additional way to clean the remaining one-third of your tooth surfaces. By removing food particles, bacteria, and plaque build-up, you can keep your teeth healthy while promoting fresher breath.

What happens when you don’t floss?

Flossing your teeth may not seem necessary. However, bacteria and plaque lurking around your teeth and gums can cause cavities and a gum infection called periodontitis. Unfortunately, half of the U.S. adults suffer from gum disease, an oral disease that leads to tooth loss. Even though gum disease progression is slow, it eventually causes severe oral health damage. The dentists in Albertville that treat gum disease inform patients that periodontitis is treatable but not curable. Therefore, instill flossing into your oral health care regimen at home can make a difference in the health of your gums and teeth.

How do I know if I have gum disease?

As with most poor health conditions, gum disease also presents noticeable symptoms. For example, patients whose gums are tender, bleed easily, or appear inflamed are prime examples of possible gum disease. Also, the presence of bad breath, loose teeth, missing teeth, sensitive teeth, or receding gums are ways to know if you suffer from gum disease. If you’re unsure of your oral health status, feel free to call our professional Albertville dentists for an appointment so we can determine your condition and design a custom treatment plan for problem areas.

How do I know if I’m flossing correctly?

Unless a dentist or parent taught you, you might not know the proper flossing method. When you do it incorrectly, you could leave behind harmful food and bacteria that could lead to cavities and gum disease. Therefore, wrap each floss end around your index finger on each hand and gently insert it between your teeth. Our Albertville family dentists recommend avoiding popping your floss between your teeth to prevent injuring your gums. Instead, once inserted between your teeth, gently rub the floss in a “U” motion making sure to rub along both sides of each tooth and the tiny gum flap in between. 

What are the flossing benefits?

In addition to cleaning between your teeth and by your gums, flossing can keep your breath fresh, especially when brushing is not an option. Also, your teeth should stay whiter longer with fewer enamel stains, leaving you with a brighter smile, according to our family dentists in Albertville. Lastly, thoroughly removing food and bacteria from your teeth reduces your risk of developing cavities while improving your oral health. Therefore, if you want to be sure you’re flossing adequately, feel free to request a demonstration during your next preventative care visit.

Dentists in Albertville, Boaz, and Guntersville, Alabama

Your oral health success depends on your oral care regimen and the practices included. Choosing to skip the flossing step can cause damage to your tooth enamel. Therefore, ensure that you floss your teeth before bed every day for the best prevention. Learn more ways to protect your oral health or schedule an appointment at our Albertville dentist office, Wall Street Dentistry. Feel free to call us at (256) 878-0525 or book an appointment online now.

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